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Are we really alone? New book ‘Aliens and the Unexplained’ explores the mysterious and strange real life occurences

Are we really alone in the universe? It’s a question that’s been debated for decades, but UFO sightings continue to occur all over the world. For those with an interest in the unexplained, a new book provides answers.

In Aliens and the Unexplained (Rockpool Publishing, 1 November 2016, $24.99) best-selling author and expert in Metaphysics, Rose Inserra, explores the fascinating universe of UFOs, aliens and strange phenomena. The book covers popular questions such as:
• Are we really alone?
• Did our ancestors have connections to galactic visitors?
• Do we all have alien DNA?
• What really happened at Roswell and why is Area 51 still controversial?
• Why do ships and planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?
• Why are famous ancient sites built on ley lines and how do they connect to extra-terrestrials?

From alien abductions and conspiracy theories to crop circles and time-travel quantum physics, Aliens and the Unexplained will challenge, excite and leave you wanting more.